WHY donate to the Kesmonds International University


Kesmonds International University KIU is a nonprofit and apolitical institution that provides reduced-cost higher education facilities to students from low-income backgrounds. The university has in the past 5 years provided training to about 1000 students in Cameroon, Ghana, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Zambia, etc. As a non-profit institution, KIU depends on the following funding sources:

  • 10 to 20% tuition fees;
  • Income from services provided (Adverts and sales of publications, KIU The Opportunity Newspaper);
  • Subventions from the partners and private donors;
  • Grants from development partner agencies;


Income from donor, well-wishers and subscription fees permits KIU to provide the following services to African Students:

  • Community library in rural Areas in Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Chad, Zambia etc.
  • Well-equipped computer E-Learning centers with high-speed internet
  • Boreholes for water supply in rural communities
  • Environmental Education with operation plant 100,000 trees in 10 years.
  • Support community healthcare facilities with basic needs
  • Free education through online and on campus training programs.
  • Free seminars and conferences for teachers and students.
  • Scholarships to less privileged and excellent students.
  • Research grants to teachers and students.
  • Exchange training programs with internships in different countries.
  • Online academic job opportunities for teachers and students.

Create industrial vocational training centers in rural communities


KIU is focus on providing AID, donation of educational resources, provision of Distance Learning, creation E-Learning centers to crisis affected communities across Africa and Asia through educational volunteers, construction of schools, hospitals and training centers in less developed communities


 KIU equally provides funding and through free tuition and monthly stipend to students with special disabilities (genetic and acquired) and special educational needs. For these reasons KIU works in collaboration with special education centers and we intend building more facilities in crisis affected areas.


This is a special education financial reserve fund of KIU used for educational and social purposes in crisis affected countries. Countries suffering from political crisis, health and natural disasters which affects education and educational facilities.

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