Seminars & Conferences

KIU Seminars

KIU organizes seminars and conferences as a function of bringing together groups of experts who focus each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is requested to actively participate. This is often accomplished through an ongoing Socratic dialogue with a seminar leader or instructor, or through a more formal presentation of research. KIU creates a platform where assigned readings are discussed, questions can be raised and debates can be conducted. KIU seminars are opened to KIU students, partners, and the general public. With a team of experts ranging from the field of healthcare, business, engineering, agriculture, entrepreneurship and technology. These seminars help bridge the gap between the visual world of knowledge and reality. It also connects the students with the job market and serve as an introduction to a professional carrier upon graduation. KIU seminars are usually published on the KIU website/blog and on KIU social media platform (Facebook page, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.)

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