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Learning Together

From 25 administrators and faculty members, 40 students and 10 fields of study at the time of its founding, University has grown to more than 172 certified lecturers and faculty members, 1,600 students and over 120 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in five schools and 30 academic departments and 20 interdisciplinary research units. One of the most important things we can do for students is not just teach them specific knowledge and skills, but help them match their interests to their career path.

Research Projects

2019 Projects

2020 Projects

KIU Publications

KIU uses to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. KIU also has access to over 23 million papers on Academia. Click here to access a KIU research paper, thesis, project or conference presentation.

Journals & E-Library

To provide instant access to loads of research information, KIU America has initiated E-Journal of Research & Technology which is aimed at:

·         Assisting students and lecturers to publish their research articles in various Journals.

·         Indexing International Journals

·         Publish journals related to various fields

·         Encourage research through research grants to students and partner institutions

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Research at a Glance


  • 172 certified Lecturers
  • 1600 Alumni Laureates
  • 45 International Accreditation & Membership
  • 120 Undergraduate & Postgraduate Degree Programs
  • 5 Schools and Colleges
  • 30 Academic Departments

The Research Enterprise

  • 864 externally sponsored projects
  • $1.33 million total budget
  • More than 200 doctoral scholars
  • About 100 postdoctoral scholars
  • 27 independent research centers, labs, affiliated institutes
  • More than 45 different nationalities actively involved


  • 100,000  physical volumes
  • 1 million e-books and audiovisual materials
  • 50,000 rare or special books, journals and 100,0000 pages of unpublished materials

School Innovation

  • In 2014–15, Kesmonds International University open its faculties to international partners
  • Breakthrough International Accreditations, Certifications and Memberships
  • School entrepreneurs have created an estimated 200 companies and 3000 jobs since the 2014.
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