We greatly want to contribute to create awareness on the ancient philosophy of education which explains that education kills the disease of ignorance superstition fear and poverty and we also seek to be a recognized leader among higher educational institutions that excel in effective teaching, active learning, scholarly research, and responsible engagement with the local community as well as with the national and global communities in which we live.

Kesmonds International University of America KIU was founded as a non-denominational institution with the goal of advancing the professional and personal ambitions of its students by providing a demanding, yet supportive educational experience. KIU equally focuses on the theory of education by challenging its students to exceed their highest ambitions, fosters the development of values and deepens a desire to help shape the world. We intend to nurture graduates who, inspired by their morals and high integrity, are highly motivated individuals, with the ambition and ability to create their own jobs or to achieve, succeed, and make a lasting impact in their careers and communities. KIU brings to her students, programs that are at the intersection of the liberal arts, science, and technology. Our education is defined as liberal in the sense of an education that is “liberating” – liberating the mind to think freely. One of the great challenges facing higher education in the next century will be related to the type of education that our young people will receive. The increasing demands on our educational system to educate for the skills required by the information age has often resulted in an emphasis on higher education towards technical skills at the expense of the liberal arts and sciences. At KIU, we provide our students with the right balance.
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