Alumni Gallery

Danyaya Mustapha Yunusa is a Nigerian Prince from Biochi State who graduated with a second class upper division bachelor’s degree in International Relations with the class of 2017. Mustapha is currently employed by Unity Bank of Nigeria.   

  Dr. Yusufa Musa graduate with a Master’s degree in Conflict Management and Resolution with the class of 2017. He latter proceeded for further studies in International Relations at “Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbon” in France where he graduated with a PhD.  He is currently an international businessman, consultant and owns his own company in Nairobi

Dr. Shu Olivier is a medical doctor and United States combat medic who graduated with a master’s in Public Health with the class of 2017. After graduating with honors Dr. Olivier passed the US military entrance exams. Dr. Shu is a very inquisitive and collaborative person contributed greatly in KIU’s research department.  

Graduated with the class of 2018, her MBA thesis was on the role of information system in the management of small and medium size enterprises. MBENDE DARLINE is a very charismatic Cameroonian with great ambitious into the business world. After her MBA she relocated to Europe to exercise her expertise.  

Rachel Azeh graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education with the class of 2018 and scored a second class upper division. She decided to take postgraduate program in South Korea, where she provides part time teaching services.

Tallat Mahmood Sajid from Pakistan graduated with MBA in Accounting and Finance with the class of 2019. Tallat works with Al Bilad Bank which is an Islamic Saudi bank. This bank is a Saudi joint stock company with a corporate capital of 5,000,000,000 Saudi Riyals. Email him tallat.

Yasmin Mayow Mohamed is a Somali Journalist and one of the first Somali women to obtain a Master’s degree in International Relation and Diplomacy, graduated  as best student of the class of 2019. Yasmine is a very charismatic woman with great leadership skills and aspirant in Somali politics.

Dr. Tchifam Berthe graduated with a PhD. in Public health with the class of 2019 and one of her research publications was centered on malnutrition in Northern Cameroon. She is the current director of the Higher Institute of Health and Management Sciences in Garoua Cameroon. As an administrator at the head of a medical institution, her PhD in Public health has given her quality experience in managing her institution.

Zaheer Abbas Muhammad is a medical technologist and healthcare quality management expert in Saudi Arabia. From the class of 2020 Zaheer after is Bachelor’s in Medical Laboratory Sciences proceeded with masters in Healthcare Quality Management. He has excellent skills and good working experience in the field of medical technology and international health quality management.

Olive Raissa Tsafack is Beauty Care and Social expert with the class of 2020. Her bachelor’s degree in beauty care management and esthetics has guided her into the world of entrepreneurship as she manages her personal business and works with an Australian based company.

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