About Kesmonds International University

KESMONDS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (KIU AMERICA) was founded as a nonprofit, apolitical, and private institution with the goal of advancing the professional and personal ambitions of its students by providing a demanding yet supportive educational experience. In 2010, the university was operating as a non-governmental organization aimed at helping students from less privileged communities obtain scholarships in developed countries and also providing a network for students to gain access to training facilities with highly developed technologies and equipment since these opportunities were not present in their communities. The organization’s primary name was the FAMILY OF EXTRAORDINARY STUDENTS. The organization equally provided remote training to students from varying backgrounds and helped them get certified. In 2014, the organization was rebranded as KESMONDS GROUP LIMITED, a global conglomerate of companies in which KESMONDS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY was the primary service and has other services like hospitality, digital and print media, journals, healthcare, imports, and exports. During the early days of the university, the primary mode of teaching and learning was using open distance learning and electronic learning resources.  Within a decade, the university has expanded to several countries, offering ON-CAMPUS LEARNING, RESEARCH-BASED LEARNING, INDUSTRIAL AND SKILLED-BASED LEARNING, AND EXPERIENCE-BASED LEARNING, AND STILL CONTINUES DISTANCE LEARNING WITH THE USE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY LIKE DIGITAL LABORATORIES AND SIMULATION TEACHING METHODS.

The university was then registered under a corporate charter with the Secretary of State in Delaware USA with file number 6397318.  With a focus on entrepreneurial education based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 26). KIU believes that Higher Education is a Human Right and that professionalizing higher education is the basis of personal development. Kesmonds International University has a database of institutions accredited by recognized international accrediting European Union Organizational Identification of E10332569. Kesmonds International University is listed on the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) organizations. INQAAHE, ASIC, ACBSP, AAU, IAU, the United Nations, Ministry of Higher Education Cameroon, Ministry of Education & Culture Somalia, and Accreditation Agencies are CHEA-recognized accrediting organizations. To be “recognized” means that the accreditors in the database have been reviewed by CHEA or the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and meet the quality standards of the respective organizations. KIU America has campuses, affiliated campuses, study centers, and partners across the world (USA, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Zambia, Ghana, Romania, Nigeria, DRC, Benin, South Sudan, etc.).  KIU America Does Not Offer On-Campus Programs in The United States. Our United States on-campus programs are on our affiliated institutions’ campuses and training centers.

KIU America’s aim is to train creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and resilient candidates able to face current and future challenges and convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit. The university also introduced distance learning programs through a virtual campus to solve the problems of distance learning for international students facing financial challenges, students in remote areas, students in crisis-affected countries, students who are fully employed and need jobs to keep up with life, women with newborn babies, students with health and other social disabilities.


  • Flexible Tuition Payment Plan
  • Scholarships with low tuition, which are 80% more affordable to low-income countries,
  • Internship placement assistance
  • Training by skilled experts who are in the field
  • Teaching methods have 60% practice and 40% theory
  • User-Friendly Learning Management System
  • Weekly Lectures Tutorial Seminars and Physically and Remotely
  • Quarterly Conferences Physical and Remote participation
  • Job Placement Facilitations
  • On Campus & Distance Learning
  • Industry-based guest lectures and much more
  • Accessible learning: You can study in the comfort of your bed.
  • Fast-tracked career growth: You can accelerate your course.
  • You can pursue a job along with studies
  • Update skills and enhance your potential to apply study skills alongside your job.
  • Flexible study system (Allow you to learn on your own schedule, and study at your own pace).
  • On-campus and distance learning programs
  • Weekly seminars from industrial and service experts
  • Monthly training workshops to transform theoretical knowledge into products and services
  • Field trips, and inter-country exchange programs.

President's Message

The world keeps experience rapid technological changes which requires educational establishments to provide consistent cost-effective services to meet up with the taste of time. With the evolving of the social media and internet exploration to all angles of the globe, there is the need and importance for e-education or distant learning which emerge as the ultimate solution towards global educational needs. Although there are a large number of institutions specializing in distance-education services, they tend to suffer from several disadvantages including the high cost of education and the lack of market-based knowledge of the developing countries, the lack of knowledge and expertise on the various course offered, the lack of accreditations to meet up with the professionalization of education. In most cases, the tuition cost alone effectively makes degree programs out-of-reach for students in most developing countries. In addition, the course work typically has been developed for the US economic environment; in most foreign countries, the skill level being a function of the economic development, is vastly different. Kesmonds International University of America was established to offer:  

  • Professional degree (Certificates, Diploma, Bachelors, Master’s & Doctorate) programs in Arts and Educational Sciences, Business and Social Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences and also in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Industry and market-based degree programs,
  • Global expansion of educational programs through international partners irrespective of the environment, culture, religion and background of the people.
  • Provide training facilities through partner institutions, organizations and enterprise.
  • Build a research team that will develop strategies to solve the worlds emerging crisis.

  We take enormous pride in our high academic standards, eminent faculty, and the fact that we can present through our University, an equal opportunity to:  

  • Those who are experiencing career transitions,
  • Those who, for whatever reason, did not matriculate or graduate,
  • Those who need to adapt academic studies to work responsibilities,
  • Those who travel frequently thereby missing mandatory classroom attendance, and
  • Those who are physically challenged or who face health restrictions.

We, at Kesmonds International University we wish each of you a happy, rewarding and meaningful educational journey and look forward to working with you to ensure your prosperous future.  

Professor Michael Dickson, President


We greatly want to contribute to create awareness on the ancient philosophy of education which explains that education kills the disease of ignorance superstition fear and poverty and we also seek to be a recognized leader among higher educational institutions that excel in effective teaching, active learning, scholarly research, and responsible engagement with the local community as well as with the national and global communities in which we live.

Kesmonds International University of America KIU was founded as a non-denominational institution with the goal of advancing the professional and personal ambitions of its students by providing a demanding, yet supportive educational experience. 


KIU shares six core values that promote a positive and rewarding life for its students through fostering a genuine appreciation and respect. With emphases on entrepreneurial development.


KIU affirms a philosophy of life that actively supports peace with justice, the health of the planet and its people. Therefore, in light of this affirmation, it encourages students to become reflective about personal, professional, and societal values. It also encourages values-based ethical behavior.


The mission of Kesmonds International University (KIU) is to fight poverty, improve on personal development and promote a healthy society through quality professional education and integration into the entrepreneurial world, job market and the global community. This is accomplished by offering high-quality professional or career programs to both traditional-aged and adult learners. The university provides a student-centered, values-based, and diverse learning environment. We take pride in offering small class sizes in a highly personalized setting. We encourage effective teaching, research, scholarly contributions, and service to the greater community by sharing our academic, professional and individual resources.

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