Types of existing Kesmonds International University

Kesmonds International University has over the years built a great network of partnerships with other universities, research institutes, enterprises and local governments. This partnerships activity spans numerous academic activities, industrial training, research and professional services. Please see below a summary of the most common partnership arrangements which the University engages in and the relevant contact details.  KIU has established various forms of partnerships with Universities, international organizations, enterprises in 54 countries in the world. The partnerships ranges from Monitoring and evaluation, exchange of students and staff, study programs, research laboratories, libraries, research publications, professional internships, seminars, conferences etc. KIU has established into various forms of partnerships with the following universities which involves student exchange facilities and other international universities in which KIU shares a curriculum development and research partnership. KIU has partnerships with some Universities in the following countries; USA, UK, Finland, Cameroon, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, China, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Guyana, Malta, Germany, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Panama, Georgia, Norway, Grenadian Island, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Chad, Central Africa, Morocco, UAE, etc. We intend to continue creating such partnerships as we’re working with more schools industrial training centers, enterprises and research centers. This will give our students the opportunity of enjoying a global educational experience. Worthy of note is equally our ongoing process to create an internal partnership with the partner universities and organizations worldwide, for more quality assurance and training.


Kesmonds International University KIU has developed a number of teaching partnerships with universities overseas which enable students to benefit from the academic expertise of more than one higher education institution as well as increasing their global awareness. We encourage collaboration of this nature and particularly welcome opportunities for progression / articulation arrangements and dual degrees. If you have an enquiry about teaching partnerships please contact the International Partnerships department


Kesmonds International University is well-known for the breadth of its research partnerships with multi-national institutions, research organizations, businesses and has long-standing collaborative links with many public and private sector organizations. We also have a wide range of collaborative research activity with world-leading academic institutions across the globe, from individual academic collaboration (leading to joint publications) to long-term joint research ventures such as the Kesmonds Institute for Research & Technology and Development Studies. For more information about our research collaboration please click here. To contact our Research Office please email


Kesmonds International University has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research and we intend to prepare our graduates for the global marketplace. We encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester or a full academic year at one of our partner universities. Equally, we welcome students from around the globe to spend one semester or a full academic year with us to benefit from our first-rate academic offer and unrivalled student experience. For more information about our European and international exchanges please email

Collaborative Provision

Kesmonds International University School of Business and Management Sciences have been working in a collaborative partnership with the Kesmonds Group (KGL) of companies (Kesmonds Travels, Kesmonds Factories, Kesmonds Businesses) in Kenya to provide industrial training for students, teaching and administrative staff. The combined expertise of KGL and Kesmonds International University ensures that students get professional training that are highly relevant to the job marketplace and supported by the rigorous academic standards of Kesmonds International University.  For more information about our partnership with PSB please email

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  

Kesmonds International University has a statement of intent to work with many overseas and local universities, institutions and high quality organizations. These MOUs are not legally binding, and do not include any specific commitments, although potential developments have not mentioned. KIU’s Memoranda of Understanding (or Co-operation) set out opportunities for collaboration and positive academic engagement between universities to mutual benefit, without establishing a formal legal relationship between the two institutions.


An arrangement in which students who successfully complete a program or part of a program at a partner institution are able to transfer onto a Kesmonds International University program, usually at an advanced stage (e.g. direct entry to year 2 of a UG degree). Articulations usually include credit transfer, so elements of the partner program contribute to the Kesmonds International University award. Students who articulate on to a Kesmonds International University program are classified in the same way as students who undertake the entire program at Kesmonds International University; students are therefore required to undertake the final 2 years as a minimum at Kesmonds International University in order to be given an Honors degree. Students do not remain registered with the partner once at Kesmonds International University and only Kesmonds International University makes the final award.

Double Degree

This is an arrangement in which Kesmonds International University and one (or more if a multiple degree) partners deliver a program with two (or more) interdependent awards. All partners must have degree-awarding powers. The regulations of both (all) partners apply so students must meet the award requirements of both (all) partners. Students are normally required to spend time studying at both partners; the requirement of Kesmonds International University is that Kesmonds International University will deliver at least 50% of a double degree. Each of the partners issues a certificate and the UK certificate must be explicit in naming the partners and the collaborative nature of the award.

Double degrees can take many forms including double taught postgraduate awards (e.g. 1+1+1 sandwich); double PhD awards (this is equivalent to one PhD, not two, and is often set up where the partners do not have joint-degree-awarding powers); and articulations to double undergraduate awards (e.g. 2+2 honors; 3+1 designated), which is where the partner chooses to also award a degree even though the student has articulated to Kesmonds International University  (this type of double degree is equivalent to one undergraduate degree, not two).

International Exchange

This is an arrangement in which students from Kesmonds International University undertake a period of study at an international higher education institution. The agreement is reciprocal and numbers exchanged between the Kesmonds International University and the partner should be equivalent over a 3–5 year period. The study program for each student is agreed by both institutions. Students continue to pay fees to their home institution and not to the host. (Compare with Study Abroad; see also European Exchange.)

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